Let art not be stereotyped, restricted, or otherwise boxed. Let feelings define the artist's style. This is my philosophy that drives me away from falling into the trap of being imprisoned in one technical method. I envision an artistic sphere that is not standardized within the rules of rigid schools, and in order to develop this vision I shift my attention to the message I seek to convey to the community. It, alone, with its attached subjectivity to the correspondent memory, feeling and sentiment, is what enlightens my art style. 


Art has always been driven by a deep connection to nature and environmental awareness. Through my previous projects, I have explored various materials and techniques to express this commitment, but nothing has captured my attention like human hair.

Human hair has a unique and complex history, symbolizing both beauty and identity. This has been my primary motivation for the "Effect" project. I wanted to explore the potential inherent in this natural material while conveying the message of sustainability.

In the project, I have created a link between art and the environment by using human hair as an artistic resource. 

This hair is often overlooked and discarded, but I have given it new life. Each strand of hair is carefully placed to create beautiful and thought-provoking artworks.

This project is an opportunity to convey a strong environmental message through art, and it is my intention to continue exploring the potential of human hair in the art world.

Through "Effect," I want to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire action. I believe that art has the power to change perspectives and foster a deeper understanding of our role in preserving the planet. My artistic journey has always been driven by this vision, and the "Effect" project is my latest endeavor to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The image is the stillness of a series of feelings and thoughts which our eyes capture passively that we cannot perceive.  However passive this process might be, this momentum of images and feelings streaming into our brain reveals itself in our dreams, or with our random actions. It is embedded in our subconsciousness. It is part of who we are, but it is the hidden and unknowable one. In this album,  I attempt to share bits and pieces from my own foggy memory that chose to manifest as blurry shapes on my canvas. Some of them are sad, some are romantic, and some are abstract, incomprehensible in their forms, but dedectable when energized with the spectator's feelings.  These forms may be known to me and may be indirectly known to you. They may be past or present. but they are here, inside of all of our brains. Let's look at them and try to think of why they got stuck in the subcouncsiousness' web, shall we?

Woman has always been a focus of charming and attractive feelings. Her physical transformations and inner feelings are enchantingly synchronized, and, when portrayed on canvas, they manifest in the form of complex and smooth lines that correspond on the outside with her inner feelings. 

Earth's inhabitants are chess pawns manipulated into carrying out what they do not comprehend, desire, or otherwise approve of. It will be game over whenever the hands moving them desire. If half of the pawns resisted, no one would die of torture, during war, or of starvation. The earth is a mountaineous chessboard that consists of 64 squares, each square contains 64 chessboards, and so counting endlessly. Using this sequence they manage control us while we foolishly fantisize that we control our own patch.